Nizhoni Health Systems

Planning a Strong Hospital Transition

Organize Your Health Information

Keep paper and/or digital copies of health records, appointments and contact information for the Clinicians involved in your care. Share this information with your health care proxy and other people involved in your care.

Use Facility Resources

Medical facilities employ staff members that will help you develop a transition plan. Set up a meeting with one to discuss any concerns regarding medication management or logistics of your care at home.

Ask Family or Friends

Family and friends could help at many different times during your transition home. Ask them to research and set up any additional resources you may need at home. Things like transportation to future medical appointments or light housekeeping may be services that will help.

Set Reasonable Goals

While many patients are able to completely recover from their injuries treated during a hospital stay, it does not always happen quickly. Make sure you carefully follow your treatment plan and understand your timetable.

By incorporating the suggestions mentioned above you can reduce the likelihood of hospital readmissions and preserve quality of life as you or a loved one moves back home.