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Resources for Drug Recovery

Nizhoni Health participated in the National Night Out celebration in Somerville again this year. The 2017 event had a larger focus than ever before on the prevention of prescription misuse and overdose, which are common problems in the state of Massachusetts.

Somerville’s National Night Out

The local edition of National Night Out brought the community together in a night filled with live performances, education, entertainment, games and prizes to raise awareness for the many city programs designed to help those in need. There were over 40 companies in attendance, and more than a quarter of them were there specifically to share helpful information about recovering from substance abuse and addiction. Just like last year’s event, countless people shared their stories of addiction and recovery with each other.

We spoke to Cory Mashburn, the Director of the Somerville Office of Prevention, to learn what he enjoys most about the event. He quickly mentioned the attitude of the people in attendance, whether they are there on behalf of an organization or just to enjoy the festivities.

“I love National Night Out because it has a different feel from other events. All of the organizations are here to listen and help others.”

According to Cory, there were more resources at this year’s event than ever before to help people who struggle with drug addiction.

“We want people to know about all of the great resources there are available to help in the city of Somerville,” Cory said.

A Supportive Community is Crucial to Recovery

Addiction is a mental illness that can be treated when the right measures are taken by clinicians, those addicted to drugs, and the friends and family members dedicated to helping them recover. National Night Out is a great opportunity to show the public the resources that are available to help. In a previous blog post of ours, we created an infographic about the Cycle of Addiction that you may find useful.

More Information About Somerville’s National Night Out & Its Organizers

You can learn more about the annual event on the National Night Out website. In addition, here is a list of the other vendors who were in attendance who aim to help those struggling with drug addiction and abuse:

-Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR)

-Ryan Harrington Foundation

-Somerville Board of Health Six City Tobacco Initiative

-Somerville Overcoming Addiction Facebook Page

-Somerville Police Community Outreach, Help and Recovery

We would like to thank the Somerville Police Department and Somerville Cares about Prevention (SCAP) for hosting Somerville’s event! SCAP is a community coalition supported by the Somerville Board of Health. It was an honor to be part of the it all!