Nizhoni Health Systems

Clinician Spotlight- Francysmar Dias, RN

Francysmar is a Clinical Manager based out of our Framingham office. She has been a part of our team since 2011. Francysmar was delighted to speak with us about her experiences at Nizhoni Health. She recalled a time recently that her actions saved a patient's life!


"Over the years, I have built a rapport with one particular patient. I went early in the morning for one of her visits and I noticed her door was locked. I attempted a quick call, but she didn't answer her phone. I tried to find an open door into the complex, but there was no one around. I just knew that something was wrong. I called her daughter, but she wasn't available either. I called 911 and explained the situation.

I was very late to see my other patients, but I didn't care because I knew something wasn't right. The emergency responders broke into the patient's home and found her unconscious. They administered CPR and brought her to the hospital, saving her life.

I spoke to an EMT afterward, and he said that if we hadn't called for another ten minutes, the patient would have died. She is currently in rehab, and she may be returning home soon."