Nizhoni Health Systems

Restoring balance through quality health care. At home.

At Nizhoni Health, we are dedicated to helping patients maintain safe and independent lifestyles in the comfort of their own homes. We deliver comprehensive, high-quality services across the spectrum of care, including skilled nursing, home health aide, and pharmacy services.

About Nizhoni HEALTH

Nizhoni Health was founded in 2004 by CEO & Founder Joseph McDonough. Today, Nizhoni goes above and beyond to deliver the highest possible quality of home-based health care and support. Services are available throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Our skilled team includes registered nurses, home health aides, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. We understand the importance of strong communication, and can provide services in more than 100 languages.

Our patient focus and commitment to excellence has enabled us to help patients with even the most acute needs—those who experience chronic illnesses, psychiatric issues or lengthy recovery processes—live at home with safety and independence.

By coordinating care with our patients’ existing medical providers, we are able to improve outcomes, reduce readmissions and control costs.

Nizhoni Mission, Vision, and Values


Nizhoni Health provides superior home health services to support our patients in maintaining safe, independent lifestyles in their communities.


Nizhoni Health is committed to providing ethical care, with quality outcomes for our patients. As a full-service home health provider, we are focused on providing superior service across the spectrum of care. Our enduring goal is to enable patients to live successfully in their communities.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence in clinical care is the hallmark of Nizhoni Health. We go above and beyond to provide highest quality care to all patients.
  • We believe in hiring the best care providers, and recognize that the quality of our employees is the foundation for our high quality of care.
  • We treat all patients with dignity and respect.
  • We’re passionate about understanding our patients’ unique needs and providing the best care and support.
  • We uphold the highest ethical standards; our clinicians, administrative staff and leadership are fully committed to providing the highest-quality care for all, regardless of socioeconomic status or health condition.

Our Name & Logo

The Nizhoni Name

Nizhoni is a traditional Navajo word, which means “The Beauty Way.” “The Beauty Way” is a state of being where everything is in balance with all aspects of life. A healthy person lives in balance within themselves and in harmony with their environment. Illness is the manifestation of a life out of balance and harmony. Our goal at Nizhoni Health is to restore that balance within our patients through quality health care provided in the safety and comfort of their home.

The Man in the Maze Logo

Our logo is based on a traditional Native American symbol that represents a person’s journey through life. The journey through the maze is one from darkness to light, through which choices can lead to harmony and balance.